Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nutella Hazel Nut Cocoa Spread Review

Hi buddies,
              This is my first review on the blog. I picked this product, when I went for shopping with my husband to a nearest departmental store last week. I mainly bought this to decorate my son's evening snack bowl as it is a NUT based cream. Nuts are always rich in protein. Isn't it? The tempting chocolate flavour of this cream would also attract kids! So let us move on to the review now. Go ahead!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcome to Indian Food Nest!

Hello foodies,
This is my very first post on Indian Food Nest. The main aim of this blog is to serve beginner cooks. Not just that, I am also concentrating on informative posts to teach you some easy ways to cook. I am going to decorate this blog with my very own food recipes and some traditional recipes which I learnt from my sweet mom. Come join with me; Let us start cooking!

Thank you.

Lots of love
Neela Manogar