About Me

Hello there!

This is Neela Manogar, the face of Indian Food Nest. I am a teacher by profession and a mom of two children. When I got into my teaching profession, I came to know about the difficulties of a working woman; hence I suddenly got a thought of starting a food blog which serves as a guide for both beginners and working women. From my 20 years of cooking experience, I have found out many easiest and quickest ways of cooking delicious food items. Not just delicious, the recipes here I come up with are nutritious, healthy and easy-digestable for everyone; and most of them are Indian recipes especially. One can find recipes for people between 6 and 60 from Indian Food Nest.

Come join my food team and serve your thoughts on cooking here. You can feel free to find, share and suggest anything about food and recipes here. Cheers!

Thanks and Regards
Neela Manogar


  1. Can you suggest some easy to cook recipes for Bachelor Guys... Instant Breakfast ones

    1. Sure Kush. I'll prepare some easy recipe and share definitely.

  2. It was so nice of you to visit my space and drop a comment, really appreciate! Your blog looks great too and recipes are good and inviting, my best wishes for all success! Thanks a bunch!