Friday, 11 January 2013

Sweet Pongal / Sakara pongal

Hi friends,
             Today we'll check out the recipe for the pongal festival.  Usually everybody in Tamilnadu prepare pongal for the harvest festival on 1st of tamil month "Thai".  We clean the house and the previous day of pongal, we celebrate "Bhogi" which means burning the unwanted things . Actually pongal should be prepared in earthen pot.  But here I used the pressure cooker. Pongal festival is celebrated to thank the "Sun" god  (Aadhavan). We worship the God with pongal and sugar cane .

  • 250g of raw rice
  • 250g of jaggery
  • 100g of moong dal
  • A ladle of ghee
  • 15 cashew nut
  • Dry roast moong dal.So that it will add flavour to the pongal.
  • Add rice and add required water to boil rice and dal.
  • Wait till the rice and dal cook well.
  •  Scrap the jaggery.
  •  Add with the cooked rice and dal and mic them well.
  •  Heat the ghee in a pan.
  •  Fry the cashew nuts till it becomes golden brown.
  •  Add with pongal. Now thw sweet pongal is ready to serve.

  • We can add cardamom for flavour.
  • We can add coconut pieces with the pongal for a crunchy twist.
  • Instead of water, we can cook rice with milk.
Are you ready for this pongal festival?


  1. delicious pongal,advance pongal wishes to u n family!!!

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  5. Going back to school/ college after Pongal celebrations was a treat. Everyone had different varieties of pongal to share at school

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  14. Never get bored how many ever times we have this. Such an authentic pongal.

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